Alexandria, VA
Master Electrician and Electrical Contractor
New to the forum and wanted to introduce myself. I'm a do'er; not a talker, so pardon my brevity.

42, Northern Virginia, I got my Master Electrician license last December and my Electrical Contractor's license the following month. So far, it's been a good experience. Some ups and downs. It seems that once I get one thing figured out, I discover 2 more items that I need to wrestle with and understand. I've started small and enjoy the nimbleness of being small, though I know I'll need to expand if I want to have a viable business. I started with troubleshooting, moved into EV charger installation and panel replacement. Latest project is installing a 24KW Generac, which is a huge PITA. Learning curve, though I do look forward to learning from my mistakes and hope the 2nd one will be a piece of cake by comparison.

Anyway, enough yabber from me. I look forward to participating in these forums. Thanks.