Wire bending space at terminals


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I'm specifying a 1200 amp CT cabinet for a new electric service;

The service conductors will be (3) sets of 600KCM. I would like to have the contractor run the service conductors so they enter the bottom of the cabinet, and exit out the back of the cabinet. (The main switchboard is right behind the CT cabinet on the opposite side of a wall.)

How do I know if there is enough bending space for the conductors to exit the back of the enclosure? Is 312.6(B)(1) the correct reference? It says table 316.6(A) shall apply where the conductor does NOT enter or leave through the wall opposite its terminal. That table lists 12" required for (3) 600's on a terminal.

Does that mean the conductors can exit the back wall if there is both 12" of space above the terminals, and the enclosure is also at least 12" deep?