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I just bought a new Digital Video Camera/VTR. I am getting set up to edit the pictures with my computer, then put them on a DVD.

If I were still active in the industry, I would use this camera to record job site activity and production.

Initial cost can run a wide range, depending on the need and expectations. I will have about 10 grand in my set up, but this can be done for less than 500 dollars.

This procedure would be invaluable in underground installations. The photos may come in play with contract disputes or law suits.


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Re: Video Record

Bennie I agree with you 100%, I always have at least a one time use disposable camera with me and never hesitate to take pictures of anything unusual.

Many times I use my digital camera to take pictures of the rough work before the sheet rock goes up, very helpful when boxes get buried in the walls.

When I do service calls for customers I take digital shots of the damaged or broken equipment before I start and we email them to the customers billing office if any questions are asked.

We have one account that requires digital shots of daily progress emailed to the project manager or payments are withheld.

Cameras have become another necessary tool for self protection and proof of the work done.
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