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New Jersey
I am installing a 200 amp subpanel in a newly constructed outbuilding. I have two 200 amp main disconnects in the basement of my house. One feeds a subpanel for the house and the other I will use for the outbuilding. I have run 4 insulated conductors (L1, L2, N and EGC) in 2" PVC. N and EGC will be bonded at main disconnect only (N, EGC, main case and GEC), GEC will run to grounding rod. N will be isolated in subpanel and EGC will be bonded to subpanel case and GEC, GEC will run to grounding rod. Is this set up correct? The outbuilding is a pole barn, wood frame with steel roof and sides. Should I bond the steel siding to the GEC from the subpanel to the grounding rod? Thanks for any advice.

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Re: Subpanel Question

Sounds OK.
At your sep building you may need two ground rods, unless you can demonstrate resistance is 25 ohms or less. See 250.52 and 53.
At the sep building subpanel install a equipment ground bar from the panel mfg. On the grounded conductor terminations, only one conductor per terminal (applies to any installation)

Siding is not required to be bonding, but may be if the AHJ requires, if "likely to become energized".
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