Seeking Practice question Help. ( A Stressed out Apprentice )

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Lucas Organ

Industrial Electrician
This question pertains to the 2018 CEC.
I have A 400A splitter that feeds a 100A panel board temp specified 60/75 degrees C, that is 1.5M away from the splitter what size feeder cable is to be used?
To begin, I understand that code 4-006(2) tells me that for 100A and below I would use the 60 degree column out of table 2. Which is straight forward and I get that, however would sub rule (4) change this? As it states that this rule only applies to the first 1.2M. And on another note, I have always been told by instructors that when terminating on a breaker to use the 75 degree Column, I struggle to find a code for this though, however if this is proven true then it would again change my answer.

A Second question I have does not pertain to the CEC.
If I have a 3 phase system with PTs and CTs, and my PT is 600:20 and my CT is 250:5, the PT reads 112.5V and the PT reads 3A along with a power factor of 90%, what is my total power in Kw?

Thanks you all so much in advance who take the time to try and help me in my time of need.

Looking forward to response
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