Second ATS not switching (Generac)

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Just installed a 24KW Guardian with Evolution control. Two ATS (RXSW200A3), each feeding a main panel (400 amp service). E1 and E2 are wired to switch 1 and paralleled from Switch 1 to Switch 2. Switch 1 got T1, N1, N2, 0, 194, and 23 straight from Gen. Switch 2 got 0, 194, and 23 straight from Gen.

When simulating power outage by flipping service disconnect on both ATS to off at the same time, generator will start up, and Switch 1 will auto switch to gen power, however switch 2 does not. I manually move switch to gen power and all is well. Simulating power returning by switching both service disconnects on and switch 1 AND switch 2 go back to utility power automatically.

So everything works exactly as it should other than switch 2 will not automatically switch to gen power. Am I missing something easy here? Thank you!

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