satellite dish grounding

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My 10' satellite dish is 250' from the receiver. A recent lightning strike blew out the receiver and who knows what else because we won't know until the receiver gets back repaired.

To ground this entire system is a ground rod and #10 AWG copper connected at the dish site then with 10 AWG copper back to the main service ground, a grounding bar with the coax cable fastened, then #6 AWG copper to the main service ground enough?

The dish was installed about 8 years ago and no problems 'til now but this site has shown me the installer left out something rather important and now expensive to do right.


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Re: satellite dish grounding

What do you think they left out?

810.21(H) Size. The grounding conductor shall not be smaller than 10 AWG copper, 8 AWG aluminum, or 17 AWG copper-clad steel or bronze.
IMHO if your satellite dish gets a lightning strike no amount of additional grounding will protect it.


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Re: satellite dish grounding

on top of the ground rod, the probably sunk a big steel pipe into a big chunk of concrete that the whole thing is mounted on. probably the pole and concrete is a better grounding electrode than the ground rod anyway.

I also think it is unlikely anything economical would have saved your equipment from a direct lightning strike.
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