Heating and AC on shared circuit


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Unless of course:
Summer heat a year or so ago. We have two thermostats, one for cove heating and one for A/C. Just what it is.
Office help had them both on. IDK why I thought to look, or how long it had been that way.
At one of our offices, one side of the office will run the heater while the other side runs the cooling. We had to come up with a rule that says the hottest person wins. Cold people can add layers. Hot people can only shed so much, which is a good thing. ;)


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Northern illinois
In my neighborhood there are thousands of apartments that have base board heaters installed directly below through the wall AC units. The heaters are hardwired and the AC units have a cord an plug. Both share the same circuit.
a lot of hotel rooms have a combo heater and A/C unit. It just has a switch that selects whether it is hot or cold. It is built into the unit but I see no reason why one could not have separate heating and cooling units with an external switch that selected which one was used.