GES at separate building

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Of those of you that have been debating my questions on sub panels in the NEC forum here is another question on the same sub panel. This panel being installed by a homeowner also does not have the required GES.Because this garage is only 10' from the house and only about 15' from the main house GES can I use the existing ground rods to establish the GES for the garage? (GEC= grounding electrode system)


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Re: GES at separate building

250.32 holds your answer. It all depends on whether or not any metalic paths exist between the two structures.

If a metalic path does not exist, you have two options.

1. Run 3-wire (P-P-N) plus ground.
2. Run 3-wire, add a GEC and electrode then bond neutral.

If a metalic path exist.
Same as 1 above.

You may extend the electrode to the garage and treat it as a metalic path and use option 1. You would not bond the neutral. Bond GEC to panel ground.

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