Bonding Structural Steel to Ground Loop


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A common thing I’ve seen over my years in the trade for bonding structural steel to ground loops on the structural steel end is a compression lug on the bonding conductor, paint ground off the steel, lug bolted to the steel on the cleaned off spot on the steel then hit with oxidation inhibiting paint.

The other day I had someone tell me that that method is against code and must be cad welded or have a bent rod welded to the steel then use a figure 8 to compression fit the bonding conductor to the rod.

I’ve seen all 3 of those methods used but more commonly the compression lug bolted to the steel method. My question is, is the compression lug bolted to the steel an illegal method of bonding the structural steel to the ground loop? Perhaps I’ve skimmed passed it in the 2017 NEC and missed it, I don’t recall seeing anything in the CEC either saying the bonding connection to structural steel must only be by cad weld/exothermic or a compression fit to a rod welded to the structural steel.


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250.64(C) along with (C)(3) allows the GEC or bonding jumper to connect to building steel with a bolted type connection.