Year 2000 Pool installation

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spark master

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I'm a commercial journey man... don't normally jump into pools... but it happens every so often. I'd rather be indoors where the EMT is the ground... at least where I am..

In-ground pool installed Y2K, with full permits. 100% legit job, they say. There is a #10 bonding wire coming up from the ground, into the rusty pool panel. That's it, no other bare wires by the equipment.
I know #8 is required now, but was #10 acceptable 20 years ago ??
Was all this pool bonding stuff required back then?

My plan is to run a #10 to all the equipment, (heater & pump, no ladders) and use a split bolt on the bonding wire coming out of the earth.
Do I really need to pull the bonding wire out of the sub panel, and separate it completely from the electrical system ?

I already disconnected the pool niche lights at the deck box, and they will stay disconnected..
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