To EGC or not to EGC


A residential customer is upgrading service from 200 to 320 amp, single phase. A new breaker panel is being set 15 ft from utility pole that has two 200 amp disconnects. The service previously went directly to a main breaker panel in the residence. A ground rod will be set at the new breaker panel and bonded to the service equipment. The house already has a ground rod/GEC into the existing main breaker panel.

Is an EGC required to be run with the cable from the disconnect panel by the utility pole to the (main breaker) panel in the residence? A second service will be run in the future to a pole barn, so the same question would apply to that cable run.

Dennis Alwon

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Chapel Hill, NC
Electrical Contractor
That install is problematic due to having two feeders running to the house. You are better off keeping them service conductors - no disconnects at the meter. The future building can also be SEC per 230.40 exception 3

I think the op has one feeder to the house and the other will be future to a pole barn. At least that is how I read it