Temporary power solution on jobsites for subcontractor? Need multiple circuits.

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Im a hardwood flooring contractor and was hoping to get some input from you guys.

I have subbed on jobsites where either the electrical work is partially done but no, or not enough, receptacles are in the outlet boxes, only a single circuit is available, or old houses where it seems like every outlet is on the same darn circuit.

We need a minimum of three independent 15a circuits for our dust control vacuums and smaller sanders on any given job. (20s are preferred)
I am trying to figure out a way to get quick temporary power for our equipment when the home wiring is not cooperating with us.

On a back note, our 240v big machine sander uses a 10/3 flexible braided cable. We have 30a twist lock connectors with various plug heads depending on what outlets are available in the house. When no clothes dryer or kitchen range receptacle is available on a job we run the cable direct to the homeowners circuit panel.
The panel cover comes off and pig tails with heavy duty alligator clips go onto each bus, while the ground goes to the neutral/ground bus.

I would like to be able to run a cable into the circuit panel and get two circuits using the alligator clip method for our 120v smaller machines. I dont want to carry a bunch of different breakers around to match whats in the panel. I also don't want to pull breakers out, disconnect the existing wires, run my lines into them and do it in reverse when the job is over. Clips are fast and easy, and I only pull breakers if the box is full and I cant get to any terminal bolts after the main breaker.

I *thought* I would use a cable with a double square metal outlet box on one end, clips on the other, and a small disconnect box with two breakers in it somewhere in between.

I have a extra 10/3 cables but Im not sure if it would be okay to share a neutral if I used both hot clips on the same bus leg for two circuits.
Should I just use two 12gu extension cords independently and wrap them with tape?

Pretty much what's the best way for me to achieve temporary power and get two circuits when I am in a pinch?
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For obvious reasons, we can't assist those not in the electrical trade with electrical projects. I would suggest you have the contractor or home owner contact an electrician to provide what you need. Plus it's dangerous just opening up a panel and start clipping jumpers on live buses or breaker terminals.
So I am closing this thread according to the Forum rules.
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