Production savings


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So I’ve heard often that there is increase in production when running multiple sets of conduits due to setup time being reduced etc.
but I believe that I’ve also heard that it wouldn’t apply to the wire pulls for those runs. Wouldn’t the production increase also apply to the wires pull ?


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It may increase production to a small degree because the conduits are all close to one another so there is not a lot of moving around to set up the pulls.


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Like anything else it completely depends on multiple factors. I once pulled 15 parallels runs of 350KCMIL 230 feet long in 5 hours an 2 minutes with 5 men and two ropes. 2 men pulling a rope in a conduit 2 men (one merely for safety) manning the tugger, and one man feeding the reels from a Southwire flatbed set up with the pulls. So yeah, it can carry over. The reason I know about the 2 minutes is because my goal was "by lunch" I missed it by 2 minutes.