O&M Manuals for SPD’s, Xfrmrs, & Panelboards?


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I’m a little lost here. I submitted my closeout binders on a project and had it rejected with EE asking for O&M manuals for SPD’s, dry transformers, and panelboards.

I had submitted all of the cuts for these items, but the EE is asking specifically for O&M; I thought I’d ask here first before I write him back. I sent the manufacturer manuals for all controls & equipment, but what O&M exists for the items in question? For the SPD’s, I could write a page up that says “if green lights are off, replace.” But there’s no maintenance for these items that I’m aware of. The manufacturer (Eaton) doesn’t provide a manual for any of this stuff.

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Sounds like the EE is asking you to compile all the information into one general report that has all the relevant data for the safe operation and maintenance of the equipment. Some information might be in the cut sheets, but other information probably included in the NEC.
Here is some interesting cheater information that might help.