New York net metering replacement

Anyone familiar with the New York State net metering stuff? For a few years we were heading toward the VDER (value stack) system to replace net metering. I just got this email and I am now confused. Did they nix the VDER and change to the fixed tariff mentioned in the second/third bullet?

At today’s Public Service Commission session, the PSC approved an Order Establishing a Net Metering Successor Tariff. The changes included in the Order will apply to all solar PV projects currently receiving Phase One net metering (NEM): residential projects and behind-the-meter non-residential projects <750 kW. Highlights of the Order include:

  • Phase One NEM will be available for projects interconnected before January 1, 2022. This reflects a one-year delay in the planned implementation due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Projects that qualify for Phase One NEM will continue to receive it for twenty years from the date of interconnection.
  • Projects interconnected on or after January 1, 2022 will receive NEM but will be charged a monthly Customer Benefit Contribution (CBC) based on the DC nameplate rating of the PV system.
  • The CBC is expected to be initially calculated at between $0.69-$1.30/kW DC monthly, depending on service class and location, and will appear as a charge on the customer’s electric bill.