Lutron 0-10v dimmer clicking noise

Installed a 0-10v dimmer in a home with 24 Halo led recessed lights. Works great but there is an additional clicking sound after off and on functions. Drives the customer crazy. Normal?
From the switch itself. Installed two switches, both do the same thing. Personally makes sense and doesn't bother me, figure it's a function of the low voltage switching, but she is a bit OCD and doesn't like it. I tried explaining to her how lots of electric/electronic switches have a click when activating loads, but.. here we are.

curt swartz

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What make/model of dimmer? If its an electronic dimmer she is probably hearing the line voltage relay controlling the 120 volt power supply to the lights. The low voltage dimming would be silent.


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Decora style. Is the click from the paddle when you push the top or bottom? Or from the slider on the right side when it reaches the end of travel up and down? If this is a mechanical noise it's just how the thing is made. Try another manufacturer.

Yea, the initial click that all decora switches make is heard, follows by what sounds like a little relay. Just the way it's made. Never had a customer complain about it before, this one is ocd to the max. Whatcha gonna do.