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Mike P. Columbus Ohio
The following is why I have a problem with home "inspectors".

This link http://www.yourhomesok.com/why.htm should be read after reading the whole post.

If you read this "rough draft" of my inspection it will sound sound like I am bitching about the inspector missing a burnt light bulb.

What I saw Monday was, being called-in to install a range, the most blatent(sp) inspection of all time. A home inspector AND an FHA inspector "passed" this home. The electrical was so bad and unsafe that I told then I would not connect the range.

I had to tell them that the "WHOLE" house had to be rewired. They were in tears when I left.

I was so upset that I cancelled my day and drove to the local NBC station (they just blew me off) to get a story started. (not to brag again--- they just pissed-off a bitpull)

These nice folk are average. They have one small child.

I know some electrical contractor will do some of the work.


Mike P.


Re: Home Inspections

It seems to me the insurance carrier of the buyers should be contacted.
Personally I would talk to the buyers, and tell them about your concerns.


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Re: Home Inspections

Mike I know how you feel but we cant fix the world and as for the most part we cant change every one on how we see people treating others.
but we can try to get the word out ether through the papers or radio or even tv if we have that option but dont weigh every thing on your shoulders as it wont help just keep on advising and hope they get the message.

luke warmwater

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Re: Home Inspections

Mike, this question is not meant to bust on you.
In Ohio, are you allowed to be an electrician and an inspector? In DE, if you become an inspector, you would have to "shelf" your license because of the obvious conflict of interest.
As electricians, we can see things that aren't up to Code, but we can't put a sticker on a job. We could note the problems, make the repairs, and then call for an Electrical Inspector to do his part.
As to your dilemma, were you just called in to hook up a range or run the entire circut and came accross these problems?
I might have hooked up the range, but would still have did the report and explained concerns. That covers you by stating the obvious problems and gives the homeowners something to think about.
Also, based on the explination of an Electrical Inspector in you link, the home inspector and the FHA inspector might not have been qualified to inspect the electrical system, so they did not. But did they recommend it to be done?
I would send each of them a copy of your findings and recommendations.
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