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Lots of electric issues, I'd like to solve them all, but I'd also like to just get 1 or 2 key questions answered.

TDLR; My main questions at this point in time:

  • Is it good or bad or doesn't matter that we have ground (purple) connected from the Meter ground to the main panel neutral bar / ground bar? It seems the 1-4 amps is an objectionable current taking a parallel path back back to the meter neutral.
    • Perhaps this is because one of the neutral connections or wire between meter and panel are not perfect solid connections? (They look and feel very solid though).
    • It doesn't seem necessary to even have this ground wire (purple) here because the meter chases and neutral (grounded conductor) is already grounded. The neutral goes from meter to the Main panel, so now the main panel is also grounded.
  • Is it good or bad or doesn't matter that we have group (pink) connected from the Main panel neutral / ground bar to the copper water

Longer story details and additional questions:

  • 100 amp service
  • We had/have major electric issues (Assuming poor neutral connection at pole) for many months/weeks that continued to worsen.
  • Could only have single large appliances on at a time, or else there would be massive power drains or light surging. These various appliances, lights, etc are on different isolated circuits.
    • E.g. Stove/oven would not turn on while microwave was running.
    • E.g. Portable AC could not run while main AC was running.
    • Washer / dryer could not run while AC was running.
    • Washer / dryer start would cause certain devices to lose/blip power
  • Replaced all breakers, ran some new good lines just to verify and cross out potential problems. All new connections at the panel.
  • Electrician came, verified things looked generally okay, a bit puzzled by the situation. Hooked up the (Purple) ground wire shown in the image above. Was never there prior. However, Water pipes ground (Pink) had always been there, water pipes had much more amperage (1-4+amps) prior to the purple ground being added.
  • POCO came and thought/knew straight away there was an issue at the pole. Said we had some kind of old bolt system different than everyone else's at the transformer. Supposedly, switched out that system to fix it.
  • Electricity in the home is now MUCH MUCH more stable and usable. We can easily use all our appliances and electronics. However, there is still noticeable quick dimming of lights on completely separate circuits as large appliances turn on. There is still extremely slight ( very difficult to notice) brightening of lights on completely separate circuits.
  • I'm mostly relieved that things are working much better and closer to normal, but it is still really bugging me as for why the underlying issue still appears to be present although very slight / hidden
Any ideas what is going on?

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