GFCI troubleshooting

Jared Sanders

Roswell nm
electrician, service tech
I mostly work on hot tubs, while troubleshooting is normally easy, sometimes I get complaints of GFI's tripping and if there is a serious problem it is easy enough to locate. On rare occasions it wont trip until i've left, so i was wondering if i could wire my meter in line on the ground or nuetral and read voltage to ground start pumps and heaters and find the problem that way. it would save alot of call backs if i find it when it starts to leak to ground instead of waiting till something completely gives out


Master Electrician Electric Contractor Richmond VA
Henrico County, VA
Electrical Contractor
The most common hot-tub GFCI trouble is leakage current in the heater element(s).

I have narrowed it down by disconnecting one item at a time; heater. pump, blower, etc.