GEC Bonding Termination


Electrician journeyman
Hello all. I have a GEC question
I am terminating the GEC into a ground bar in the transformer on a concrete pad. The ground was skipped by the concrete contractor so it was not put in ahead of time. It is now piped in above ground in the rack and bonded to the rack by grounding hub with set screw clamps. As I piped it into the transformer my foreman didn’t want me to punch the transformer base but wanted it to be free air conductor as it comes into the transformer. I’ll attach pictures.
my solution was to have grounding hubs at both ends. The one inside the transformer is the one I have a question about. I tapped a 1/4-20 screw to anchor the hub end, after the ground passes through that it will continue on to the main ground bar. so, it’s continuous. And bonded in multiple locations. The pipe sneaks by the pan which has an inch or so gap from the wall of the transformer.
can anyone find a reason not to do this? Run a pipe and terminate a ground hub inside a transformer?