Fuel Canopy Seal Off

I installed a 3/4" conduit to come up inside a column on a new gas station canopy. Was supposed to have some heads up on when canopy company would show up. They installed canopy over my conduit while I was on another job. Now I have a conduit in the middle of the column with an access cover about 4 ft above my conduit. How can I even complete my pipe let alone install seal off and everything? I'm just very flustered with the whole situation and have put off completing this job now for a week or two but have to get it done. The hole on top of canopy to even get into the column is only 1.5" hole and on the side of column.
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Cut a hole in the column for access, and have a sheetmetal shop make you a cover for the hole. Get engineer approval for it, since there are likely structural implications. And backcharge the canopy company. This sounds like an absolutely jerk move by them; inconsiderate morons.



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the canopy plans should have had the height of hand hole above the base plate. the seal should have been first fitting out of the concrete

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I would see if you can get the canopy company to send one of their people around to cut in a new handhold at the height you require. There is probably a 3" PVC drain pipe inside and if you cut the hole (or your sub does) and mess up the drain pipe you will have more stuff to deal with.


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More like PM letting the canopy go in before the site was ready for it.

I HATE stuff like this. Usually the result of wanting to look like major progress has been made. "Its ok just put the canopy in so the owners see we're almost done, the electrician can figure it out later"
Well we got it resolved. The owners husband owns a fab shop and he came down and cut a hole in the side of it. Was able to get seal offs on and complete the pipe on up. I told him we was going to have to cut their pretty new concrete and thread the pipe in the trench to bring it outside the column and he did everything he could to not allow that to happen. It all worked out. But was sure frustrating and added about 6 hrs to the job. Thankfully it was cost plus.
The owner said she told the canopy people how is my electrician going to finish his pipe and pull wire and they said "oh he can get it no problem". Classic case of whoever shows up to the job site first I guess. Thanks for y'alls input.