FTP Cable Through a wall


Whats the code (2020) requirement for passing a FTP cable through a wall? does it need additional protection? if so what NEC article defines this?

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See section 300.21. If you are passing thru a firewall, then you will need a listed fire stop method, and each mfg has their own system. For your use I would recommend this product, as it does not have to be installed beforehand.
Most of the time, its the building dept that enforces the firestop. Some products have labels that are placed near the penetration.


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That's called STP. Shielded twisted pair. Unshielded is UTP.

As to your question, there can be a lot of different circumstances where a cable passes through a wall. Generally, if the wall or partition is sheetrock and not rated you can just punch a hole and run your cable through. On the other hand, fire rated partitions will require a sleeve with suitable fire stopping.

As Tom said, usually the building inspector will enforce fire stopping and draft stopping. Other than the little of what's in 300.21 it's not an NEC issue.