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Hello members, this post is regarding the closing of all my threads. The moderator felt that because I am performing “DIY work” that I should not be posting on this forum. While I understand the necessity of this rule, I think in this case it’s unjustified. Firstly, I do have an electrical engineering degree and passed the FE Exam. I just didn’t end up working in an area that required familiarity with NEC and electrician work in general. However, I do have a foundation of knowledge that allows me to at least be able to learn how to do the work properly. Secondly, I do have permission from the utility to lay my own conduit and wire the meter pedestal. There is no live electricity involved at this point. Everything will be inspected prior to the utility connection. The exception to this is the 50 amp extension cord I am trying to build, but I think I’ve made it clear I’m not trying to do anything that would violate NEC. I’m pretty sure I am allowed to make my own extension cord as long as I’m using listed materials and using the materials as intended. Anyway, that’s my two cents. Thanks to all who contributed to my questions, I did get some helpful information.

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I do have an electrical engineering degree and passed the FE Exam
I'm new to this group as well and I know a lot but not everything, been in our Industry for over 35 years. I'm sure you have some understanding of electrical elements but unless a person seems legally competent, .. to give advise to some, that as they say may " know enough to be dangerous " the main reason for not allowing answers to those how to questions is the liability, no one wants to tell a person something and find out they burned something down or worse.

Don't take it personal its simply a smart business practice. There are plenty of great YouTube video's ..seriously. You picked a great Industry, stick around follow in, I know I continue to learn stuff.
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