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Has anyone taken the Mike Holt class without the Home Study Guide Package and had success?
I recently purchased it Thursday and all of the material is somewhat overwhelming. Not what is inside, just the volume of it all.have not purchased my reference books yet, I was wondering if you needed both the home guide and reference books at the same time. You have to be somewhat OCD to review the material and watch all of the DVDs. The package that I bought included:
Basic Electrical Theory
Understanding the NEC Vol. 1 & 2
Electrical Exam Preparation

Home Study Workbooks:
State of Florida Exam:
Technical and Safety

My desire is to take the Prep Class then the exam and take the home study out of the equation. Any and advice is appreciated.

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You would be the best EC ever if you read and memorized all the reference material. In practice, you just need to know where to get answers to your questions when doing jobs.

You are going need the reference books.** There were 13 reference books when I took the unlimited exam (might have changed) and the questions can come from any of them. There is no need to memorize answers to questions or even study for most of it. Just familiarize yourself with the table of contents and index in each reference. The questions will give you enough key words to look up the answers quickly. It's also useful to skim each reference to get used to its format. Tabs in the NEC helps a lot also.

The only reference you need to "study" is the NEC and only those places where decisions or calculations are made. This is where Mike's material is invaluable. Practice doing all the calculations until they are second nature. Examples: load calculations, conduit fill, box fill. (Once you have been doing EC jobs for a while, you will have memorized a thousand or so rules that you apply routinely.)

** It's not necessary to purchase all 13 references. You just need to pass (70?), not get 100. They won't even tell you your score if you pass. Some of the references will only have one or two questions on the exam. You can guess on those. The State Board tells you the percentage from each reference in your application package. One of the references I didn't purchase was a book on making neon signs. There was one question on the exam from that reference. I did read a bit in the book from it's listing on Amazon.
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