CT Cabinet Interconnection

Hello again friends! I need to jack this thread, only to go back to the OP first question! I have just run across this SAME setup for a 208/120V 3 phase temple. I'm going to attach my line diagram of the setup, and a picture of the CTs in the CT Cabinet. What I am worried about was already alluded to here, that energy exported through the CTs will be logged as production and not consumption. I am not convinced the CTs are bi-directional.

I am not concerned on the legality or jurisdictions on interconnecting in the CT cabinet, simply if the laws of physics and electrons will properly register production vs consumption. I am not even sure if this is a CT model issue.

I do have an inquiry in with National Grid here in MA, but I know you guys know your shit so figured I'd see what the experts here thought as well.

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Looks like your connection is on the load side of the CT cabinet so the CTs will physically measure grid imports and exports just fine.

A CT cabinet setup is no different than any other type of meter for the purposes of backfeeding to the grid. Socket type meters are basically the same thing inside, just smaller. If a meter reads production as consumption that is due to digital programming, and the utility will reprogram if you have a proper agreement. Analog meters are not really capable of getting it wrong.