Class 1 div 1 j boxes


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Oilfield instrumentation
I was told today by a shell inspector that our offshore mud lab wasn't up to the shell standard. The cabin is purged and has fire and gas detection which shuts the cabin down and contains the power inside of a class 1 div 1 box with a breaker, which he was fine with. The problem was part of the shut down system has a multiconductor cable that leaves the class 1 box and enters into a 4 way class 1 div 1 box and is potted, then has a nipple going into a rated div 1 box with a switch about 2 inches away and also a rated box with lights then to an ex rated alarm. The alarm has a poured fitting before going back into the 4 way. According to him there needs to be poured fittings between all of the boxes. Not saying he isn't right but this same cabin has been on many rigs all around the world but Shell says its unsafe. What do you think?