Can it be done with 120v


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That would only work if he has a power outage on only one side of the split phase, that rarely happens.
You missed the 120 Volt generator part.
He has a complete power outage, fires up his huge old odd ball 120V generator, he has a manual transfer switch and a CS 120/240V 50 Amp generator inlet.
His generator cord bridges both hots.
His house has no MWBC other than the dishwasher / disposal.
He keeps all his 240V breakers off, HVAC, dryer, range etc.
"Wires it to a single 120V breaker." meaning he connects the other pole to the neutral, I assume?


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If you pick the right side of the line to feed 120V to, a dryer motor would run off that 120 and the heating element would run at 1/4 power. Other than having a 100% duty duty cycle and drying slower you might not notice the difference. If you put the 120V on the wrong side there would be no voltage to the motor and electronics if any.